Secret Songsketches

by Petracovich

(free) 01:50


A group of tunes that are in process, making their peek into the wide world


released November 5, 2009

tunes written by Jessica Peters Malmberg


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Petracovich San Francisco, California

Dreamy folk pop that is lyrical, poetic and full. Jessica of Petracovich plays the piano, with some banjo and bells and lots of clicky sounds and shakery things. She hikes hills, changes diapers, and loves to sing in bars.

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Track Name: You Waited For Me
Many Years ago

I was movin’ slow

You came up beside

Spoke in soft gray tones

Something old and known

And I felt like I went home

You waited for me

You and your nimble feet

You moved ‘em slow and walked with me

We went listening

Through the city streets

Light on the cathedrals

Sun rang through the sqaure

A little tear repaired

I didn’t know was there

You waited with me

You and your nimble feet

You put ‘em up and sat with me

Morning’s on your hair

You read the paper and

I eat my cereal

And I steal a stare

Its 10 years later and

You’re even more beautiful

You waited for me

For the bones in my feet

To harden and grow steady

Now I’m a sturdy little bird

I’d go with you around the world

Or I’d stay right here on this block

For years and years and years
Track Name: The Big Hope
We can do it
I seen it coming
It is in us
Already happened
Put your pants on
To meet the challenge
And your big thoughts
To hope the big hope

I see highways
Empty highways
Grains of laughter
Singing sideways
I have been there
To see the seeds sewn
And the water
From hearts freely flow


I have seen you walking backwards
I have seen you in the sideways
I will hold you if you try to
Come back to the place you know who you are

Everything down
To the bare skin
Daughter raindrop
Soak yourself in
And sing the sun up
With your hard hands
Touch the soft earth
With them again

Track Name: Holy Books
There are words like my face
Like my eyes
Pale and deep
There are words
Deep set in me

There are words
Like my mom
Hold me in
Low and soft
There are words
That lull me off

Water falls
When water falls
Water blurs
And words are washed
Off the page to

Bedroom floor
Holding feet
Filled with words
While I sleep
Bedroom floor
Under me

Water falls
When water falls
On holy books
Words fall off
In inky sheets
Through roots of trees
Down city gutters
Through river streams
And to the ocean
Where they always were

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